First class web design for your new online presence

Our designers and developers ensure that the best technologies are used to develop your new website and provide an impressive user experience with a modern web design. Our websites are also conversion optimised. This means that we ensure that your website doesn't "just" look good, but also fulfils its purpose, i.e. generates sales or listings. As online marketing specialists, the performance of your website is our top priority.

Why NYBA should create your new website.

01 Highest technical standards

At NYBA Media, we ensure that the best and latest technologies are used to develop your website and thus provide an impressive user experience (UX).
In addition, as an online marketing agency, we place great importance on ensuring that your new website not "only" looks beautiful, but also generates purchases or entries. In other words, it is conversion optimised.

02 From the idea to the final website

Apart from your logo, images, and a few texts, we need nothing else from you. We take care of everything around your new website. From web design, domain, hosting and SEO optimisation to web development. You don't have an exact idea how your new website should look like? No problem! We are creative minds and only satisfied when you are 100% satisfied!

03 Unique support for your online presence

You would like to make changes on your new website, e.g. change a team photo, change something about the offered services, or add something? No problem! Within max. 24h your change is guaranteed to be online on your website and of course without extra charge. In addition, we will gladly advise you on all other topics, such as domain, hosting, relaunch, SEO, and much more.

04 Web design and development

You don't have a logo / design (CI) for your project yet?
We create a professional corporate identity (CI) for you and design your website to reflect it. From the colour code to the fonts, your entire concept will be uniform and coordinated. Every website our web design team creates is absolutely unique. Specially designed and implemented according to your ideas.

Frequently asked questions

Website, landing page, and online shop

How long does it take to create a new website?

The duration for the creation of a website, a landing page, or an online shop varies of course from project to project. Provided that the complete content is available, the creation of a new website takes on average 3-4 weeks, the creation of a new landing page around two weeks, and the creation of an online shop about 5-6 weeks.

Is the website also optimized for mobile devices?

Yes. No matter if website, landing page, or online shop. Every NYBA Media website is 100% mobile optimised and is checked several times before release. Worldwide, almost 50% of all websites are now accessed on mobile devices. Therefore, the mobile version of your new website has a high priority.

How exactly does NYBA go about creating a new
online presence?

After placing the order, a NYBA Media project manager will arrange an onboarding call with you. Here, the most important topics such as content release, communication during the project, ideas, wishes of the customer, and project timeline are discussed. Once we have all the information, our web designers and programmers will start with the implementation. For an average website, you will receive a first draft of your new website on a password-protected domain after 2-3 weeks. Customisation requests will be discussed with our project manager in an online meeting. These are then taken into account by our team and incorporated in the course of a fine-tuning. After about 3-4 weeks and a final approval on your part, you can start with your new website.

What content do I have to provide?

To start with the implementation of your new website, landing page, or online shop, we need your corporate identity (CI), graphics, images, text material, a desired website structure, and a guest access to your domain host (unless we host it for you).

Do I have access to the website myself after completion?

Yes, after completion we create a guest access to the CMS of your new website, landing page or online shop. Here you can make changes to texts, images, or graphics yourself.

Yes, I want a contemporary new website, landing page, or online store.
I want to be found online
and generate customer enquiries.