As a TikTok agency from the start, we reach your customers of tomorrow

TikTok is young, diverse and, above all, fast-moving. The platform has become indispensable in digital marketing and offers your company completely new opportunities to position itself as a brand. TikTok currently has more than 2 billion downloads worldwide. In Germany, TikTok doubled its user base in 2020, from 5.5 to 10.7 million users. According to the TikTok ad manager, the number of TikTok users in Germany alone is just under 20 million, and rising. A special feature of TikTok is that the app has a very exclusive target group to offer. Every third TikTok user states that they are not registered on any other social media platform. Thus, with the help of TikTok Ads, a target group that is otherwise difficult to reach can be addressed. TikTok also currently offers the best CPM prices, i.e. the costs per 1,000 impressions are by far the cheapest compared to other platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

TikTok Ads 

01 Strategic planning

Our experts will work with you to develop a customised online marketing strategy that will work towards your business goals. Through exclusive access to the TikTok Ads platform, we have been involved as an agency from the beginning in January 2020, which means that our TikTok Ads specialists have specific know-how and in-depth expert knowledge and therefore know what is important for successful TikTok advertising. 

02 Holistic care 

Due to short-lived trends, it is crucial for a successful TikTok campaign to react as quickly as possible and stay on the pulse of the times. Our TikTok Ads specialists will manage your campaign and help you reach your target audience with varied and relevant content. Your company gets the chance to be close to Generation Z and to position itself visibly in their everyday life.

03 Profitable advertising 

Through intensive testing of various influencing factors, we have deep insights and optimise your TikTok campaigns with regard to the jointly developed online marketing strategy and defined key figures. The clustering and weighting of target groups and the use of remarketing enable us to address target groups individually and reach interested parties with relevant content, which sustainably increases conversions. As a TikTok agency, we understand the target group and win your customers of tomorrow. 

04 Evaluation and reporting

When evaluating our work, you don't have to rely on your gut feeling. We achieve the maximum performance with the advertising budget you specify. Using clearly defined online marketing key figures, we make your successes visible and measurable. For this purpose, we provide a detailed monthly report with the most important key performance indicators.


The cooperation with NYBA was preceded by a pitch and a test phase in which various agencies competed against each other. Already during the first pitch, we knew that NYBA would be our new partner. This feeling was confirmed by the convincing results from the test phase, in which NYBA came out on top by a wide margin. NYBA has established itself as a relevant partner for Live Nation in the field of performance marketing. The young agency supports us with extensive expertise in both strategic issues and operational implementation and handles all online marketing for our artists, family entertainment and festivals across all channels. Mr. Hetzenegger and his team provide innovative ideas and perfectly coordinated campaigns to effectively reach our goals and target groups, achieving above-average performance with an average ROAS of 6. We are very happy with our decision and would like to thank NYBA for their excellent work. We are looking forward to further cooperation with NYBA.

Katharina Wenisch



Frequently asked questions

TikTok Ads Agency

Is TikTok the right platform for our business?

To cut a long story short, in most cases the answer is yes. TikTok is the number one fastest growing social media platform in the world. The average TikTok user opens the app around 15 times and spends up to 50 minutes a day there. It will soon be impossible to imagine online marketing without the new short video platform. With its fast-moving 15-second videos, TikTok has permanently changed the way Facebook and Instagram advertise. TikTok ads are still very cheap, which currently still represents a great opportunity for companies to tap into a completely new target group and "reposition" your company.

Does TikTok have a target group with sufficient purchasing power?

To dispel a myth right at the beginning: TikTok's target group is by no means limited to an exclusively younger target group. Because of this false claim, many companies are missing out on significant revenue. TikTok underwent a major transformation last year. Now 67% of its users are over 25 years old. More specifically, 22.4% of users are between 20 and 29 years old, 21.7% are 30 to 39, 20.3% are 40-49 and 11% are over 50. Furthermore, TikTok is experiencing strong growth, which also brings with it growing target groups.

What are the benefits of TikTok compared to other social media platforms?

TikTok Ads are much cheaper than Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat or LinkedIn Ads. TikTok Ads not only have very low CPM prices (costs to get 1,000 impressions), but also a high purchasing power, as long as the interaction between creative, brand, target group and placement is coherent. With TikTok Ads, the video, i.e. the "content", is by far the most important. In addition, with TikTok Marketing you reach a completely new target group, which you would only reach with difficulty on another social media platform. While the target groups of most social channels largely overlap, every third TikTok user states that they are not registered on any other social media platform (!).

What are the requirements to advertise on TikTok?

Firstly, you need an official TikTok account through which the TikTok ads can later be broadcast. Then, a TikTok Ads Manager must be created by your company. Then a TikTok pixel can be created and implemented on your website or online shop. With the help of the TikTok Ads Manager you can distribute and manage permissions or assign all necessary access to your TikTok agency NYBA and still keep full control. With the TikTok Ads Manager you can view the performance of TikTok ads, invoices, target groups, creatives or KPIs such as clicks, reach, impressions, video views or sales achieved.

How do TikTok Ads work?

TikTok is a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) based self-booking platform modelled on Facebook Business and Google Ads Manager. With TikTok Ads, campaigns can be booked with certain advertising goals such as conversions (PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, Purchase), app installations or traffic. A lifetime or daily budget can then be set. The target group or targeting can then be set.  

How much do TikTok Ads cost?

As a rule, we start with an advertising budget of at least €300 per day. This advertising budget can be continuously adjusted upwards, depending on the performance of the individual campaigns. TikTok Ads offers the possibility to scale strongly and constantly after an extensive test phase.

Can I also use TikTok Ads to attract new employees to my company?

In addition to attracting new customers, TikTok marketing is very suitable for attracting new employees to your company. TikTok Ads offer completely new possibilities when it comes to employer branding. From the way of working, the individual areas of activity, the employee incentives to the values of the company, all this can be communicated quickly and easily in an unconventional way with the help of TikTok Ads.

What do TikTok Ads look like?

TikTok Ads have a 9:16 format and therefore fill the entire mobile screen, which has the great advantage that your target group focuses their full attention on your content without distractions. There are different placements for TikTok Ads such as In-Feed (your ad appears between organic content on the so-called "For Your Page") or Brand Takeover (A 3-second ad that is played directly when the app is opened). To see a preview, please click here or here

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Tiktok takes an innovative and creative approach to online content sharing, allowing users to create short videos with music, filters and several other features. Users are encouraged to be as creative as possible when creating their content. The genre ranges from funny to shocking to heart-wrenching stories. Since the users on the well-known platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are mostly over 18 years old and on Facebook sometimes older, it was only a matter of time before an app for Gen Z would spring up.

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