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As a certified Google Partner Agency, NYBA Media achieves top rankings on the Google Search, Display, Video and Shopping networks for your Philadelphia area business.

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Why Google Ads?

In the digital age, virtually no business can successfully market its products or services online without Google advertising (SEA). Search engine marketing allows you to place your Philadelphia business in the visible area of Google search results, allowing you to be found more quickly. Since users rarely scroll through the numerous Google search results, a relevant ranking is essential. After all, who searches Google on page two these days?

By clustering users and using Google Ads Remarketing, we can target Philadelphia prospects on the Google Search, Display, Video, and Shopping networks exactly where they are actively searching for information or products. Using Search Engine Advertising (SEA), you'll get more relevant website visitors, which can sustainably increase conversions.

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Google: the most important figures at a glance

google.com is the most visited website in the world. With a market share of almost 85%, Google is also the most-used search engine worldwide, ahead of Bing and Yahoo! More than 86 billion people use the search engine every day to deal more intensively with topics and actively obtain information about products or services. Two-thirds of all users state that they orient themselves exclusively on the first five results. Google is available in 173 languages. The Google results list includes organic as well as paid search hits. In certain cases, Google Shopping, Google Maps or Google My Business entries are also displayed.

Billions of searches per day
Market share
Search engine marketing

Advantages Google Ads

Most famous search engine
Low wastage
Fast results
Advertising is unobtrusive and resembles organic ads
Regional focus Possible
Google Ads B2B

Search Engine Advertising with NYBA in Philadelphia

With over 10 years of experience in Google Ads marketing and regular training, our Google Ads specialists have specific know-how and therefore know what is important for successful search engine advertising - whether search engine marketing, YouTube Ads, display advertising or Google Shopping.

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The cooperation with NYBA was preceded by a pitch and a test phase in which various agencies competed against each other. Already during the first pitch we knew that NYBA would be our new partner. This feeling was confirmed by the convincing results from the test phase, in which NYBA came out on top by a wide margin. NYBA has established itself as a relevant partner for Live Nation in the field of performance marketing. The young agency supports us with extensive expertise in both strategic questions and operational implementation and handles all online marketing for our artists, family entertainment and festivals across all channels. Mr. Hetzenegger and his team provide innovative ideas and perfectly coordinated campaigns to effectively reach our goals and target groups, achieving above-average performance with an average ROAS of 6. We are very happy with our decision and would like to thank NYBA for their excellent work. We are looking forward to further cooperation with NYBA.

Katharina Wenisch -

The team at NYBA adviced us highly professional on-site on an individual TikTok marketing strategy, conversion optimisation and tracking. We greatly appreciate the experience and expertise of all contact persons at NYBA.

Marco Preißer -
Google Ads F.A.Q

Frequently asked questions
Google Ads


What is SEA?

Search engine advertising is the placement of paid advertisements on search engine results pages. The best known of these is Google and the Google Ads network. SEA helps your company from Regensburg to position itself in the visible area of the search queries and to bring relevant traffic from the Regensburg region to your website in order to sustainably increase customer inquiries and to increase your sales.


Which areas does Google Ads cover?

Google Ads offers your company the opportunity to present itself in the Google search, display, video and shopping network and to reach users from Regensburg exactly where they are searching for relevant keywords and key terms.


How does SEA work?

With the help of precisely fitting, relevant keywords, your company will be placed in the best positions in the Google search network, thus converting users from Regensburg into buyers in the long term.


What do the first joint steps look like?

Just follow the link below to the contact form or send us an email to info@nyba.de. We will get back to you personally and work together to achieve your goals. The second step will be to take a closer look at your Google advertising account, as well as the tracking of your website or online store. In addition, we will create a comprehensive market and target group analysis. Once these steps are completed, your Google and YouTube campaigns can start. From the test phase to scaling for more sales and new customers.


Does Google Ads make sense for my Philadelphia business?

With a market share of almost 85%, Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. More than 25 million people in Germany use the search engine every day to deal more intensively with topics and to actively inform themselves about products or services. Using relevant, well-placed ads, your company can reach interested, ready-to-buy users from the Philadelphia region and generate customer inquiries and sales.


What benefits does SEA offer my Philadelphia business?

Search engine marketing allows you to place your Philadelphia business in the visible area of Google search results. Since users rarely scroll through the numerous Google search results, a relevant ranking is crucial to the success of your online marketing.