Promote existing TikTok videos:

What are Spark Ads and how do they work?

Spark Ads is an ad format that can promote organic posts on a page. Like InFeed ads, they have a call-to-action button and a landing page. Unlike other ads, with Spark Ads all interactions (likes, shares, comments) run through the promoted post and remain even after the campaign is over. With Spark Ads, you are only redirected to the landing page when you click on the Call-To-Action or the Copy, whereas with InFeed Ads, every click on the profile icon, the Copy or the username, for example, leads to it. In terms of interaction, Spark Ads work largely like organic posts.

Regarding the properties of the VIdeo, Spark Ads have fewer restrictions than ordinary ads. The format, resolution and length of the video are technically irrelevant - of course, they should still be optimized to achieve the best results. Emojis may be used in the Copies and if desired, the Spark Ad can also be switched completely without Copy. All these properties are taken from the organic posts in Spark Ads and can only be edited directly via them - this is no longer possible during the setup of Spark Ads. The following overview shows the structure of a Spark Ad:

Tips for Spark Ads

By using organic posts, Spark Ads are a great way to promote your own TikTok page and content in addition to events/products, which significantly expands the possible uses. Through Spark Ads, one can easily move away from being purely promotional and deliver authentic as well as personal insights. It is important not to use videos that are ambiguous, too specific, or out of context, thus defeating the very goals of the campaign. The resolution, format, and length of the video should also be appropriate to the campaign.

How to generate a code for Spark Ads on TikTok

To promote organic posts in the TikTok feed you need a so-called TikTok Spark Ads code. The next steps will show you how to generate this code.

First of all, make sure that the Ad Settings are enabled for your TikTok account. To do this, click on Menu and Creator Tools in the top right corner of your TikTok profile.

After activating the TikTok Ad Setting, you can select the post you want to promote among your TikTok posts. Click on the particular post you want to promote on TikTok. Open it and select the menu in the right column. Search for Ad Settings in the bottom row.

Activate TikTok Ad Authorization in TikTok Ad Settings and agree to the TikTok Terms of Use.

Now you can generate the TikTok Spark Ads code. To do that, first click Generate Code and then select the time period you want your TikTok Spark Ads code to be valid.  

Finally, you can copy the TikTok Spark Ads code and send it to your TikTok Marketing Agency NYBA :)

Phillip Wicklein
Junior Online Marketing Manager
Phillip Wicklein
Junior Online Marketing Manager

Phillip works as a Junior Online Marketing Manager at NYBA Media. He is currently studying German and Social Sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen and therefore deals a lot with the topics politics, economics and literature.