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With currently more than 800 million users, Tiktok is the fastest growing Social media-platform. Our guest author explains how companies can get started on the platform.

Tiktok takes an innovative and creative approach to online content sharing and allows users to create short videos with music, filters and some other features. Users should be as creative as possible when creating their content. The genre ranges from funny to shocking to heart-rending stories. Since the users on the well-known platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are mostly over 18 years of age and on Facebook they are often older, it was only a matter of time before an app for Generation Z would spring up.

How brands and companies can use Tiktok

This step-by-step guide shows how companies can register on Tiktok and get started immediately:

First of all, the account must be created with a user name. The username cannot be changed afterwards, at least not at the moment. A meaningful profile description and the link to your own website and all existing social media channels round off the profile. In this way, followers can be made directly aware of the other channels and directed to them. Be creative with the profile picture and find something that fits the brand or the company, but at the same time also the Tiktok platform. A good example is the profile picture that Mercedes has chosen for November. It refers to the Movember, which is widespread in the English-speaking world and in the course of which men do not shave but leave a beard to collect donations.

(Screenshot: Markus Hetzenegger)

  1. After account creation there is the possibility to switch from a personal account to a pro account. Go to the menu and click on Manage my account. This step is recommended as it allows you to distinguish between a person of public interest, education, media, music/dance, beauty/ fashion, medicine/ health and other categories. The added value of the Tiktok Pro account lies especially in the analyses provided, which give detailed insight into the performance of the videos and followers.
  2. As soon as steps 1 and 2 are done, you can start with the first Tiktok video. This should be recorded in portrait format (1,080 x 1,920). Make sure that the content is relevant and humorous for the target group and encourages them to imitate or participate. Consider with the videos: Entertainment comes first on this platform.
  3. When uploading the video, the speed can be adjusted as desired and an orientation can also be selected. You can also customize the video with colorful filters, music, other effects, additional text or stickers. The volume is also freely selectable and a cover image, which can even be displayed as a GIF in the feed. Finally, you can add a short description, markers and hashtags. As with other social media platforms, the same applies here: Content is King!
  4. In order to increase its reach, cooperation with influencers is a good option. You can also pay for advertising space on Tiktok; however, this use has not yet been activated for Germany.

Marketing for the Gen Z on Tiktok

All influencer marketing techniques that are already dominant on other video-based platforms will, if done right, be successful on Tiktok. If your product matches the audience of the selected influencer, the first step towards the success of your Tiktok influencer campaign is made. Brands should encourage influencers to make videos using the sponsor's product. Make sure that the influencer and the brand match. Authenticity must always be in the foreground. There is little or no benefit in encouraging an influencer to promote a product that does not fit.

During the implementation, the influencer should be given a completely free hand in the content creation. He knows his community best and can estimate what will and will not be received. Tiktokers are also more interested in originality and fun, so that the quality of the recorded videos, unlike on other platforms, is more in the background. It is much more important to react to short-lived trends as quickly as possible and to create content that is varied and relevant to the target group.

Viral content is the key to success

Viral, fun and refreshing content is the key to success. It is essential to pay attention to this when creating content - no matter if brand or company. Don't jump on a train that is just leaving, but rather illuminate a topic from a completely different angle and thus help determine trends. The best example of this is the successful Tiktok marketing campaign with the hashtag #YouOwnIt by Mac Cosmetics, which was developed with the international agency Pulse Advertising. The background to the campaign was this year's New York Fashion Week, where the brand wanted to stand out from the broad mass of cosmetic products. It achieved this with great success. The campaign's message aimed to call for more variety on the one hand and to live both expressiveness and individuality on the other. To open the #YouOwnIt challenge and drive the launch, nearly 20 influencers from Mexico and the USA were commissioned. The task was to use Mac Cosmetics to transform themselves from an unadorned girl from the neighbourhood into a catwalk beauty and to document this via the music video app Tiktok.

With the varied video clips, the role models called on their own communities to put such a video online. 2.4 billion video views have been generated by the campaign so far. Mac Cosmetics has succeeded in making Generation Z familiar with the products in a playful way and at the same time introducing them to the brand.

(Screenshot: Markus Hetzenegger)


Tiktok is still a very young platform on which a lot of testing will take place in the near future and a wide variety of formats will be tried out. And that is a good thing. Such a possibility does not often exist. With Tiktok, marketing is rethought. Companies and brands have a huge opportunity to be close to Gen Z and to become part of their everyday lives. The big winners of Social Media Marketing 2.0 will be the companies and brands that are courageous enough to take up this trend and in future will increasingly focus on authentic, native and emotional content.

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