How Google supports non-profit organizations with Ad Grants:

With Ad Grants, Google supports non-profit organizations. The program provides NPOs with an advertising budget of $10,000 per month to place ads on Google. The organizations can access the Google Ads search network.

Hereby Google gives non-profit organizations the opportunity to draw attention to their cause free of charge. Due to the increased visibility of the information, more conversions such as donations can be achieved in this way.

To benefit from the Google Ad Grants program, non-profit businesses, aid and non-profit organizations can register with Google for Non-Profits. The Ad Grants activation process can take up to five business days. Upon activation, an Ad Grants account is created, eliminating the need for an additional Google Ads account.

To become eligible to participate in the Google Ad Grants program, organizations must meet certain requirements, which vary from country to country.

Condition of participation in the Google Ad Grants program in Germany:

  • The organization must have the status of a registered non-profit organization in Germany, which is granted by, the regional representative of TechSoup Global.
  • Organizations must be (1) corporations with tax advantages, (2) nonprofit associations without economic profit objectives, or (3) charitable foundations without economic profit objectives.

Each organization must agree to the additional terms of use for Google for Nonprofits

Julia Liebl
Business Development
Julia Liebl
Business Development

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