The Facebook Ad Library:

Facebook's Ads Library is a very good tool to view the Facebook ads of other companies and people.

In addition, it is possible to see how long one or the other Facebook ad or creative has been running. Accordingly, the success of the respective creative can also be guessed 🏆.

In the Page Transparency section you can see when the Facebook page was created, which country its administrators are from and how many times the page name has been changed.

1. Go to
. Select the country or click on "all"
3. Select the type of ads.
4. search for the Facebook page from which you want to view the ads (pro-tip: you can't find your Facebook page? Then search the page directly on Facebook and copy the link. e.g. This way nybamedia is the page name. If you then enter this in the search bar of the Facebook Ads Library, you will find the page 100%)
5. You will see all active ads of the respective Facebook page. Have fun! 🥳

The example is from our customer Canton.

Markus Hetzenegger
Founder and Managing Director
Markus Hetzenegger
Founder and Managing Director

Markus Hetzenegger is the founder and CEO of NYBA Media GmbH and shares his experience from almost 10 years of performance marketing and many millions of managed advertising budgets in presentations and this blog.